For Clients

Our comprehensive service takes the hassle out of recruitment. We have the expertise and networks to assist with sourcing candidates from overseas as well as from the domestic market, and charge the same flat rate irrespective of the process we undertake.

Although we initially specialised in 4 key roles in the automotive sector; Automotive Technicians, Diesel Mechanics, Spraypainters, and Panel Beaters, our networks enable us to source suitable candidates for a number of other roles, including welders, ICT Technicians and qualified Chefs.

We take pride in the service we provide and do our very best to ensure our clients receive a quality-driven, robust recruitment process.

Our recruitment methodology is described below:

Job Briefing

We conduct in-depth job briefings over the phone or in person (where possible) to understand the company, the scope of the role, and the profile of a suitable applicant.

During this conversation, we discussed preferred skills, experience, and education.

Candidate Sourcing

We use our expertise and extensive networks to source candidates from overseas as well as from the domestic market.

Our database of highly skilled candidates is growing daily and we continue to expand it through Facebook, LinkedIn and utilising personal connections.

Candidate Assessment

We assess candidates’ suitability and authenticity using a variety of robust methods including:

  • In-depth phone interview to assess skills & experience
  • Police check
  • Reference check
  • Verifying qualifications by sighting certification
  • Assessing language & communication skills

Candidate Presentation

Once we have identified the ‘best of the best’, we connect these candidates with our clients who are in need of specialist skills.

We facilitate a skype interview and mediate all communication between the client and the candidate.

Offer Management

We effectively negotiate job offers to achieve a win / win for candidate and client.

Post job offer, we work closely with licensed immigration officers to navigate the visa application process for candidates.

We also provide assistance to companies to help them supply the required paperwork, such as supplying a letter of job offer.


Once the job placement has been made, we remain in close contact with the candidate until they arrive in NZ (usually 6-8 weeks).

Once they start in the job we monitor the progress of the candidate to mediate the transition into the workforce.

As part of this, we assist in addressing & resolving any issues that may arise.