Why Us

1. We are well-networked

The team at Automotive Recruitment Ltd is extremely well connected with individuals from the Middle East (Dubai, Doha Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Sri Lanka). The depth and breadth of these networks provides access to quality candidates who are highly skilled with many years of franchise dealership experience. We also have links to schools & associations within these countries and we utilise these partnerships to tap into an even greater pool of talent.

As we are ‘in’ the migrant community, we have a vested interest in the success of the placements we make and we maintain regular contact & engagement with the candidates we assist. Similarly, the candidates we place are appreciative of our assistance and work hard to ensure they don’t let us down, which increases their commitment and loyalty to their new employer.

2. We are credible

In the two years we have been operating, we have assisted large number of migrants to secure employment in NZ. This track record of successful delivery means we have become a trusted partner of many large automotive dealerships within NZ and they now turn to us when they need highly skilled candidates.

We are also credible within the Middle Eastern community and often receive candidate referrals because we are the “go to” partner for skilled automotive professionals who are keen to immigrate to NZ.

3. We understand urgency

We know the business impact of being short-staffed, and therefore understand the urgency around recruitment. We do everything within our power to minimise delays and remove the hassle from recruitment, therefore giving our clients more time to focus on other aspects of their business. Our relationships with licensed immigration lawyers and in-depth knowledge of the immigration process simplifies the paperwork trail and saves time & money for our clients.

4. We are cost-effective

Our recruitment fees are only payable on the successful completion of a placement, therefore if a company chooses not to employ a candidate presented to them by Automotive Recruitment Ltd, they pay nothing. There is zero risk for our clients.